Transitional Care

We help patients recuperate and regain their independence.

The Massac Memorial Hospital Transitional Care program is pleased to introduce this new department that cares for those who are recovered enough not to need traditional Inpatient Care, but still need assistance with their recovery. We want to make recuperation as comfortable as possible and aim to offer our patients a home away from home, for as long as they may need.

Our Services

At Massac Memorial Hospital, we understand that sometimes you just need a little more time. You may be recovering from a head injury, amputation, stroke, heart problems, joint replacements or back surgery; you may need treatment to manage your pain or extra care for a wound. In any case, the Transitional Care program is here to help you or your loved one regain strength and independence.

At Massac Memorial Hospital, we help patients recuperate and regain their independence in a residential and home-like environment. We help patients relearn life’s basic necessities such as dressing, bathing and eating, while encouraging participation in a number of activities. We also know the healing power of trading in a hospital gown for your own clothes and socializing with family, friends, other patients and staff in our “family room”.

The Transitional Care program provides individualized attention and care from our dedicated multi-disciplinary team of case managers, physicians, nurses, and rehabilitation therapists who will meet with you and your family to determine a plan of care even after you leave.

To this end we offer:
• Daily rehabilitation and reconditioning
• Education on the use of prosthetics and medication
• Nutritional therapy and education
• Occupational Therapy
• Physical Therapy
• Speech Therapy
• Nursing care
• Wound Care

Physicians on the Massac Memorial Hospital medical staff are independent contractors who have been granted privileges at Massac Memorial Hospital.
They are not employees or agents of the hospital.