Rehabilitation Services

The Massac Memorial Hospital Department of Rehabilitation Services is devoted to you and your well-being. Our goal is your goal: to restore you to full strength and motion, treat your pain, and help you return quickly to full functionality. We employ the latest technology and provide you with comfortable surroundings and a caring professional staff.  Aside from our ability to provide comprehensive and patient-centered therapy, we also offer convenience. We accept most insurance carriers and feel it is imperative that there are no long wait times for patients.

We also believe it is vitally important that patients become familiar with their Rehabilitation Services team.  Our successful outcomes show that when a patient feels comfortable with their therapists and their surroundings, they are more likely to stay current with their appointments and committed to their treatment.

Fast Facts

Is there Recovery After Stroke?
Stroke is a devastating condition that often results in serious long-term complications. Among the most common and most challenging are mobility difficulties. These can range from trouble doing normal household chores to a total inability to walk. Fortunately, many therapies are available to help restore physical abilities.
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