Massac Memorial Medical Clinic

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Robbin McDaniel

Medical Clinic Manager
618-524-2176 x 255

The Massac Memorial Medical Clinic is now accepting patients. When you or a loved one experiences a need for vital primary healthcare services, or are suffering from symptoms such as a sore throat, fever, coughs or body aches, we are here to help.

We Are Here to Help

At Massac Memorial Hospital, we recognize that every medical issue is an important one. That is why we have expanded our primary care program with the addition of The Massac Memorial Medical Clinic.

The Massac Memorial Medical Clinic is designed with you and the needs of your loved ones in mind. We understand that while a child with a high fever, painful inner ear infection and sleepless parents may not warrant a trip to the emergency room, treating the patient is as important to us as treating a trauma patient in dire need.

Reasons to visit The Massac Memorial Medical Clinic

• Earache
• Minor cuts where bleeding is controlled
• A minor dog or animal bite where bleeding is controlled (but see your doctor – a rabies shot may be necessary)
• A sprain
• A sunburn or minor burn from cooking
• An insect sting or delayed swelling from a sting (if there is breathing difficulty, go to the ER)
• A skin rash
• Fever (if there is a convulsion, go to the ER)
• Colds and cough, sore throat and a runny nose